Find, Rate and Share

Find the best venue using live ratings given by the people who are actually there at the moment. When you arrive, check in so that your friends can see where you are and maybe even send them an invite to join you! Once checked in, use the chat system to interact with the people who are also at the same venue. And make sure to see what your friends have been doing in your newsfeed.

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Watch Vibez in action

See for yourself how Vibez can help you to find the best venue, connect you with your friends and much more!


The Vibez Team

We don’t only want to deliver a great product, we actually want to change the world a bit – make it a bit better, a bit more interesting, a bit more convenient. We are convinced that when a great idea is combined with awesome design and perfect functionality something extraordinary happens. That has been the philosophy behind Vibez from day one and we hope that you will enjoy using this app as much as we loved developing it.

- The Vibez Team